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Sweet Pea... the largest fish in the sea!

meet SWEET PEA, a whale shark- the largest fish in the sea!

Out with the whales, in with the... whale shark?! April 15 was quite a spectacular day in all possible ways. The weather was perfect, the whales were active, and we had a special and unique experience with a whale shark. This whale shark stayed with Makai Adventures and a few other nearby boats for over an hour. Constantly coming around, rubbing up on the boats and giving everyone quite the friendly show. Captain Kevin and Crew Gina were able to document this individual and send the photos into Hawaii Uncharted, a Hawaii research collective. They were able to determine that this whale shark was a new individual to their catalog and gave Kevin the opportunity to name it! He chose Sweet Pea because she was just that- such a Sweet Pea!

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