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Maui Snorkeling and Dolphin Tour to Lana'i

Maui Snorkeling

Take a ride on Kainalu (The Ocean Wave), across the 'Au'Au Channel to the island of Lana'i.


Home to Hawaiian Spinner Dolphins, miles of sea cliffs, inaccessible coastlines with sea caves, ancient Hawaiian burial sites, King Kamehameha The Great's favorite fishing grounds, and many of Hawaii's best coral reefs.


Each trip is unique and where we will snorkel depends on the wind, swell, and sea conditions. Our experienced crew will choose the best destinations for the day.


For the most personalized snorkeling experience, we carry onboard Cressi Dive Frameless Masks with dry snorkels, and adjustable Long Blade Fins.


First time snorkeler? No worries! Our crew is happy to give you an introduction course. All guests must be able to swim.


Haven't snorkeled in a long time or a little nervous? No worries! We have floatation gear for everyone and will take the time to give you a little refresher to help you enjoy the experience.


Snorkel all the time but have a few questions? Just ask. We'll do our best to help you out. 


On the surface, keep an eye out for Dolphins and Whales. Under the surface, keep an eye out for Turtles, Tropical Reef Fish, and a variety of corals. 


We stop at 2-3 snorkel sites, and serve snacks at our first location as well as lunch onboard before heading back to Lahaina. 


If a lunch is not selected, our default option is a Veggie Cheddar Wrap

6 HR Lana'i Snorkeling 
& Dolphin Adventure

Duration: 6 hours

Departs From: Lahaina Harbor Slip #16

Check in at: 7:10am

Departure at: 7:30am

Return at: 1:30pm

Please Call About Private Charters

*Combo with Whale Watching!*


Escape the crowds aboard Lahaina's most comfortable & spacious boat for a dolphin tour to remember. 


This is a great day trip for the whole family. Sit back and enjoy the ride while our experienced Captains point out ancient sites, sea cliffs, and friendly, playful dolphins on the way to some of the best snorkeling destinations in Hawaii.


Swim with schools of tropical fish and among the diverse life of a local reef system.


Top of the line Cressi and Sea Sports brand snorkeling gear is included for the most comfortable experience. 


*On-board Restroom    *In Water Guide

*Freshwater Shower    *Easy Ocean Access   *Adjustable Gear           *Lunch & Soft Drinks

*Ice Cold Water             *Cushioned Seats 

*50/50 Shaded                *Flotation Devices     

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Maui Snorkeling Tours

4HR Lana'i Snorkel & Dolphin Search

Duration: 4 hours

Departs From: Lahaina Harbor Slip #16

Check in at: 7:10am

Departure at: 7:30am

Return at: 11:30am

Still want to snorkel along the coast of a new island but don’t have enough time? Escape the crowds on one of Maui's EARLIEST departure for a half-day snorkel tour off the coast of Lana'i!

This family friendly snorkel tour allows you to snorkel with tropical fish, search the coastline for our resident population of spinner dolphins, and enjoy a light catered breakfast of freshly made banana bread, tropical fruits and a pre-return snack of chips and cookies, all before lunch time! Our in-water guide and captain will teach you about marine life at 1-2 snorkel spots, weather dependent, and point out breathtaking views along the coastline. This trip is PERFECT for those with plans later on in the day, but wanting to check-off an adventure of a lifetime on their bucket list!

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Is this trip good for everyone?

A: This is a great trip for adults and children over the age of 4 who are healthy and have a sense of adventure! This trip is not suitable infants or young children under 4 and anyone with back or neck injuries/problems. To participate in snorkeling, you must know how to swim. At all snorkeling destinations you will not be able to touch the bottom.


Q: What's the difference between this boat and a raft?

A: Kainalu is fast, fun, and comfortable, with seating that features cushions and backrests for everyone. No need to be stuck on a bouncy tube for a hours! With it's heavier displacement she cuts through the water rather than bouncing off the top of small waves like rafts.  Unlike many of the smaller vessels we also feature an onboard bathroom, which makes all the difference on a 6-hour trip... The deck is spacious, giving everyone more space to move around comfortably. Kainalu also features an open transom with swim platform, a dual set of custom swim stairs for easy ocean access, freshwater shower and top of the line snorkeling gear.


Q: Where do you take us snorkeling?

A: We'll take you to the island of Lana'i which offers pristine, crystal clear waters among sea cliffs and rugged ancient coastlines. We want you to have the best experience possible, so our experienced captains and crew will take you to the best snorkeling spots depending on the weather and sea conditions. 


Q: Will we see dolphins?

A: There is a great possibility of seeing dolphins. The Hawaiian name for dolphins is Nai'a. 90% of the time, we see at least 1 of 3 types of Hawaiian dolphins- Spinner Dolphins, Bottlenose Dolphins, and the elusive Spotted Dolphins. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee wildlife.


Q: I'm travelling with a large group of people. What is the best option for us?

A: If you're traveling with a large group- whether it be family, friends, or co-workers, treat yourself to the extra special experience of a private boat. Give us a call so we can help you organize a fun and memorable adventure! 808-495-1001.


Q: What's for lunch?

A: On our full day 6 hour tour, we include lunch as well. At out first stop we bring out fresh baked banana bread with a delicious liliko'i cream cheese topping as well as fresh fruit. Our chef prepared lunch comes individually wrapped with your selection along with chips and cookies. Our lunch options include sandwiches, wraps, or the local special- a fresh ahi poke bowl. If you do not make a lunch selection a minimum of 48 hours in advance of tour departure, you will be ordered a Veggie Cheddar Wrap. You are welcome to BYOB after snorkeling activities (no glass, please!). Our 4 hour snorkel includes banana bread and fruit. 

Q: What is a Poke Bowl?

A: Poke is raw, sashimi grade ahi fish, cubed and seasoned with a soy based sauce and served with rice and a small side salad. This poke bowl option is definitely something that makes us stand out compared to other tour companies! If you're an adventurous eater and enjoy raw fish in sashimi or sushi, we recommend it. Please note that lunch is only included on our 6 hour tour.


Q: Is there a bathroom on the boat?

A: Yes. We are one of the few boats with an onboard "head", located in the forward cabin. The bathroom is available for use when the boat is not in motion. We are one of the only small boats with an onboard bathroom- and it makes all the difference!


Q: Will I get cold while swimming?

A: Hawaiian waters range from 73-78 F year-round. Although wet suits are not required or necessary to participate, we do offer them for rent at the time of check in. Wet suit rentals cost $10 - cash only, please.


Q: What should I bring?

A: A towel, reef safe sunscreen(no spray types), light jacket, sunglasses/hat, sun protective clothing such as rash guard, reusable water bottle, cash for incidentals and $10 wetsuit rentals and your camera. We recommend wearing your swimwear, but if you decide not to- don't forget it! We have lots of dry storage onboard, so feel free to bring your bag of tricks with you. In an effort to keep plastic out of our oceans, we provide a 5-gallon jug of ice cold water for you to refill your reuseable water bottles or use the provided paper cups. 


Q: What if the weather is bad?

A: Our captain's first priority is your safety and comfort. If deemed unsafe by our captains, we offer rescheduling or full refund options. 


Q: Do you provide prescription masks?

A: If your require a prescription mask, we recommend stopping by a snorkel store to pick up a rental prior to coming on the trip. They will help fit you with the perfect prescription that will allow you to fully enjoy the wonders below the surface.


Q: How do you clean the snorkeling gear?

A: We love it when people ask this question because we truly care about your overall experience. Our snorkeling gear is thoroughly cleaned, sanitized, and inspected after each and every trip the same way we clean our dishes at home. This handwashing method also gives us the chance to check our gear daily so that we know that we are providing you with well maintained, fresh, high quality gear from the masks and snorkels down to the fins. Additional to washing, all gear is disinfected and sanitized using a Steramine solution. 


Q: What is the cancellation policy?

A: For a full, 100% refund, cancellations or changes must be made 48-hours prior to the start of the trip. For groups of 6+, cancellations or changes must be made 72 hours prior to the start of the trip. Cancellations or changes to private charters must be made a minimum of 1 week prior to the start of the trip.

Makai Adventures reserves the right to cancel tours due to bad weather, mechanical failure, or the minimum number of passengers not met. For questions or concerns, give us a call at 808-495-1001. Mahalo!


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Promocode: SPRING23

Valid for Group Snorkeling. Direct Bookings Only.

Tour Dates 04/16/23-05/31/23

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