And Let Us Get to Know You!

Makai Adventures Maui Private Charters
We believe in
"Happy Captain + Happy Crew = A Very Happy You!"


100% First Aid & CPR Certified

USCG Licensed Captains

Certified In-Water Guides

We are your Skippers, Captains, Lifeguards, Dolphin & Whale Whisperers,
naturalists, in-water guides, as well as crew ...and booth dogs, too!
Maui Private Charter Crew

KEVIN - Lead Captain

Mr Fix It, always fixing something for someone whether itʻs a boat, a bike, or even just a favorite chair. Loves good food, good friends, and good music! In his free time, youʻll find him fishing, grilling, gardening, or hiking with Brandy.

Maui Private Charter Crew

GINA - Crew

Always down for a good time, her excitement is contagious! Loves to share a good laugh, spend time with friends, and catch fish. In her free time you can find her fishing or adventuring with her dogs.

Maui Private Charter Crew

SERGIO - Captain

Witty and loves a good laugh. Favorite food: spam musubi. Favorite Drink: Coffee. Enjoys surfing, spending time with friends, and traveling. 


JENNA - Crew

Probably in or on the water, most likely barefoot. Extremely passionate about the environment and loves a good challenge. In her free time, you can find her surfing or skating with her pup!


AUSTIN - Captain

One of the most positive people youʻll ever meet! Loves fishing, surfing, and sailing. Has a cat named Tuna. In his free time youʻll find him on his own sailboat!


Ely - Captain & Crew

Loves being on the water and having a good time! Snorkeling, fishing, sailing, and enjoying life on Maui to the fullest.


KEAO - Lead Captain

Dreams of sailing around the world with his family. Loves traveling, new projects, and team sports! In his free time you can find him playing soccer or researching sailboats. 


IWA - Reservations

Mom of 2 crazy kids and Liko dog. Loves surfing, the beach, eating good food, snorkeling for shells, and adventures. 

Maui Private Charter Crew

BRANDY - Part Time Booth Babe

Worldʻs best snuggler. Loves hikes, walks on the beach, and spending time with Kevin.

Maui Private Charter Crew

LIKO - Part Time Booth Babe

Labradoodle who loves go on hikes, chase crabs, find sea cucumbers, and go fishing from the beach (still working on catching!)