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Endemic Capital of the World

An "endemic” species is one that lives nowhere else on earth. You may not know that the Hawaiian marine environment has more endemic marine species than anywhere else on the planet, approximately 455 of them.

Because of our isolation the species that were hardy enough to make it all the way out here have evolved into their own kind due the fact that small numbers of arrivals have a higher chance of mutating into a new species. Most of the fish that got here actually didn’t swim, they floated here in the larval/egg form and mutated into their own kind. Cool huh!

We invite you join Makai Adventures on a Maui snorkeling tour to find and identify some of these endemic species. Our crew is extremely knowledgeable and will be happy to help you identify some of these species. We take you to Lanai to 2-3 snorkel spots where you happen to have the chance to actually see a fish that is endemic exclusively to Lanai, the Bandit Angelfish! It’s a miracle that this fish hasn’t even made it the 9 miles across the ‘Au ‘Au channel to Maui. A truly unique find and we hope to share it with you.

Maui Fishing Charters
Swimming with Maui's Honu - Green Sea Turtle

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