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Humpbacks Are Back!

Winter signifies a lot of different things depending on where you are. Skiing and snowboarding for Colorado, ice fishing for Minnesota and whales for the Hawaiian islands!

Maui in particular is the ideal spot for catching glimpses of the deep blue, gentle giants! You can see whales from all the beaches around Maui, but the best and most intimate experience you can get is out on the water with Makai Adventures through one our famed Maui whale watching tours.

When you book a Maui whale watching tour with Makai Adventures, you’re bound to be witness to some of the most majestic creatures on the planet. You will most likely get a chance to see new born baby whales learning and practicing new tricks of the deep blue.

It is always a true treat to see our winter guests of honor…It is even better to be out on the ocean with them and near the action. Come see for yourself and book a Maui whale watching tour with Makai Adventures today! You will be sure to remember your trip for a lifetime!

Maui Whale Watching Tours
Humpback Whale Saying Aloha to Makai Adventures

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