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"It Never Gets Old!!!" A Crew's Perspective

As I enter into my fourth season of whale watching on the waters off the coast of Maui, I am frequently asked whether or not I ever get tired of seeing whales. My answer is always an enthusiastic "no!" followed by a verbose explanation of how whales never cease to excite me. Whether it's the calm and graceful fluke dive of a breath holding whale, or the sudden whoosh of sound as a whale leaps out of the water for a stunning full breach, my "oohs" and "aahs" are just as loud and animated as any first time whale watcher. Simply watching and filming our Northern Pacific Humpback Whales is a heart-pounding, sometimes adrenaline- spiking event. However, one of my favorite parts of whale season is sharing the facts and theories surrounding these cetaceans. Every year we are taught new information, learn which theories have been disproved, and watch new behavior which we then get to inform our customers about. Teaching is as much of an enjoyable part of the job as watching. For, without education, we wouldn't have preservation! - Gina, Makai Adventures

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