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It’s Humpback Whale Season!

December 15 – April 15, the waters off of Maui are transformed into a National Marine Sanctuary for the North Pacific Humpback whales. It’s a magical and special time of year for all. There are laws set in place to protect them and no jet skis or Parasail boats are allowed to navigate in our waters out of respect and safety for the true Hawaiian locals, the majestic Humpback.

They venture here from Alaska, where they feed and spend the summers in the nutrient rich waters where food is available for them. They arrive to our waters to breed and the mamas raise and deliver their babies in the predator free, warm waters of Hawaii. It’s the place to be especially since the Humpback is sometime referred to as the “Hollywood” whale because of all the surface activity and acrobats that they display.

These displays, like breaching, are just one of the many reason to book a Maui whale watching tour with Makai Adventures. We hope to see you soon.

Majestic Humpback Whale in Maui Waters

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