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Keeping it Classy, not Trashy

Vacationers put a tremendous amount of time and effort into planning their holiday so that once the time comes, they can enjoy the fruits of their labor! You want your vacation to be easy, relaxing and care-free…but… you want to do it all while still helping the tiny remote island you are about to visit. To help put your conscience on vacay mode, here are three things you can put on your packing list or on your phone’s “Reminders” that will get you the respect of not only the locals on land but the locals of the sea too!

  1. Personal reusable water bottle

    • Will almost every excursion while you are on island have bottled water for you? The majority. Does that mean you have to take it? Absolutely not! If you bring a reusable water bottle you are helping our island community the second you get on the plane! No mini plastic water bottles needed. Plastic water bottle production accounts for up to 17 million barrels of oil annually, an amount which can fuel up to one million vehicles per year. When compared to the energy needed for tap water, plastic water bottles take up to 2,000 times more energy ( So not only are you reducing the amount of plastic you consume by bringing a reusable bottle, but you're also saving money….you go and get that extra Mai Tai!

  2. Reef safe sunscreen

    • Our coral reefs are an extremely fragile ecosystem. Just as it sounds, coral makes up the core of this ecosystem. Without the coral, there would be no beautiful, colorful fish you see, no octopus, no eels, the list goes on. Most sunscreens contain chemicals that are toxic to our coral…even if they say “reef-safe”. Find a sunscreen that 1) is not spray on 2) has ONLY zinc oxide or titanium dioxide in it. That way you know you are helping, not harming our reefs.

    1. Raw Love

    2. Element

    3. Bare Essentials

  3. Bring a reusable mask

    • Invest in a reusable face mask! Since COVID, there has been an unfortunate increase in single-use face masks littering our streets and beaches. A study from the University of Southern Denmark estimates that, globally, we use 3 million single-use face masks made from plastic microfibers per minute. Same as plastic in single use water bottles, these plastic microfibers turn into micro plastics, harming our marine ecosystems and the animals that inhabit them. By purchasing a reusable face mask, they’ll fit your face perfectly (better for photo-ops), decrease the chances of it blowing into the water/outdoors, and help protect our oceans and island home!

For more tips on how to be eco-aware on your vacation drop us a DM on @kainanisals or @makaiadventures on Instagram or Facebook, or call us at 808-495-1001.

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