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Maui Muggings on the Rise

Nobody comes to Maui expecting to get mugged. The past few weeks, however, we have noticed a drastic increase in the number of muggings in the Lahaina area of Maui. If you havenʻt caught on yet, weʻre talking about Humpback Whales. These whales migrate all the way from Alaska to the Hawaiian Islands to breed, give birth, and enjoy warmer waters. The calm and protected waters of Lahaina make for the best whale watching conditions and the best possibility of "getting mugged." Makai Adventureʻs Captain Kevin describes getting mugged as "whaley awesome!" This is a photo he took while working on the boat! One thing you can count on- you wonʻt get mugged for your food! (Fact of the day: Humpback Whales donʻt eat the entire time they are in Hawaii.)

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