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Why do Humpback Whales Breach?

When going on a Maui whale watching tour with Makai Adventures one of the most popular questions our Naturalists receive is why do Humpback whales breach?

The answer is that the scientists don’t really know for sure but have many hypotheses that could be brought up. The main belief is that they are communicating with other whales in the area in some form. The males are asserting dominance in the breeding grounds to impress females and a breach is quite impressive!

They also could be trying to show how strong and powerful they are to other males in order to win over the female. “Hey look at this, now stay away, she’s mine?”’ Humpback whales breach more often when it’s windy out so there is another belief that they be trying to cool themselves off. After all, Alaska is quite cold and Maui is not. Humpback whales are curious at times and wouldn’t it be nice to jump out of the water to see what’s going on topside?

So, we invite you to join us on a Maui whale watching tour and you just might just get an up close and personal view of the most grand feat in the animal kingdom and you can be your own scientist!

I’ll leave you the belief that I like most in regards to a breach…because they can! And if you could you probably would too.

Humpback Whale Breach Makai Adventures

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