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Why is West Maui So Famous For Humpback Whales?

There are Humpback whales in all the world’s oceans but what makes West Maui so famous for Humpback whale watching tours?? Location, location, location.

West Maui is protected by the off shore islands of Kahoolawe, Lanai and Molokai in the middle of the vast Pacific Ocean. This makes a shallow water basin that is perfect for the mothers to deliver and raise their babies. It’s kind of like raising your baby in a shallow, warm bathtub with no predators. Secondly, we have two stocks of North Pacific Humpback whales visiting our islands where most other winter destinations have only one stock arriving. This is one of the reasons why 80 percent of the Humpbacks that visit any of the Hawaiian Islands find their way off of West Maui sometime during their stay.

Maui Humpback

This is a great reason to book a tour with Makai Adventures. Our Maui whale watching tours are limited to no more than 20 people with a fast, stable boat with padded seats and a bathroom. Not to mention our Captain and crew are knowledgeable, safe and happy! A happy crew leads to smiles from our guests and isn’t that one thing we all strive for on vacation!

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