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Maui’s Whales: One of Nature’s True Wonders

These creatures of the deep blue are fascinating! Did you know Humpback Whales can grow to 60 feet in length? Even more amazing is the size of a newborn! Baby whales — or calves — can be 15 feet long from the moment they first enter the ocean water! Even more unbelievable than that? A calf can weigh nearly one ton, drink up to 600 liters of milk a day and continue to grow for about 10 years!

While in the warm waters surrounding Maui, female whales give birth to their calves. The protected and calm waters make it the ideal place for the first months of the newborn’s life. This also makes it an ideal place and time to witness these mind-blowing creatures! Makai Adventures has been taking locals and tourists alike out on our Maui whale watching tours for years! We are huge fans of the whales and enjoy sharing our love for them through our tours.

Come experience the Humpbacks with us as the calves learn to breach, feed and grow each day! Your whale watching tour will be the highlight of the season!

Maui Whale Watching Tours
Humpback Calf Swims Up To Makai Adventures

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