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Whale Tails

Maui experiences many seasons outside of the normal winter, spring, summer and fall...Maui has Mango season...Jacaranda season...A dry season...And, of course, WHALE season!

Makai Adventures loves whale season because it never gets old seeing these majestic beauties up close and personal! Our Maui whale watching tours have seen so many whales already this season -- and it's not over! We have seen baby whales learning to breach, plenty of fin slaps, heard lots of songs and smelled lots of spray!

If you want a terrific show, come out with Makai adventures for one of our whale watching tours...There are few things that are more mesmerizing and amazing than witnessing these gentle giants in the warm waters of Maui. This is truly the best an most magical time to be on the island, so make the most of this time and honor the migration the whales made by deepening your understanding and reverence for them on of of our whale watches...You will leave humbled, amazed and having learned and seen a lot! Aloha!

Maui Whale Watching Tours Makai Adventures
Up Close And Personal With The Maui Whales

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