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Making A Splash

Seeing a whale breach is something that can change your life! It is both amazing and a little confusing (how does this huge animal get itself up and out of the water completely?) and it happens so quickly yet the whales seems to move in slow motion! Witnessing a whale breach is something we love at Makai Adventures and want to share this jaw dropping moment with you!

Humpbacks are really, really, reeeeeeally strong swimmers...They have to be in order to make their annual migration and propel themselves out of the water the way they do when they breach. Whale specialists are not really certain why whales do this..Some theories are that the whale is simply curious, they they have and itch or are trying to clean themselves, that perhaps it's just for fun, or that it is some form of communication...Whatever the reason, it is simply amazing to see!

Come check out the great big beauties of the sea with us at Makai Adventures today on a Maui whale watch! There's never been a better time or place and we guarantee it will be something you will remember for a lifetime!

Makai Adventures Maui Whale Watch Tour
Humpback Whale Breaching!

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