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Whale Of A Time On Maui

It's hard to have a bad day on Maui. It's even harder if you're in the presence of a pod of whales! At Makai Adventures, we feel so lucky to be able to get out on the water each day and experience these beautiful creatures. We are pleased and excited to take whale watching tours out during Maui's humpback whale season and share some amazing sights and outrageous facts!

Humpback whales are seen quite often near coastlines...Especially in Maui once they have given birth to their young. Humpbacks migrate annually from areas around the poles where the water is cooler in the summer and there is plenty of food, to warmer winter waters to give birth and breed. Mother whales tend to stick close to their babies, protecting them, teaching them, feeding and showing obvious signs of affection. A new born baby whale depends on its mother for food for nearly a whole year! Even after the first year however, whales are still growing! They actually do not reach their adult, full-grown size until they are about 10 years old.

Makai Adventures loves witnessing the Humpbacks and new born Humpbacks...Come our on a Maui whale watch today to see for yourself just how huge, fascinating and majestic these creatures really are!

Makai Adventures Maui Whale Watching Tour
Maui Humpback Whale Breaches the Surface

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